5 things that you need to know before making a website

Every business should understand the need of creating website. Website acts as an online shop where.your customer who can check out your business and it even defines what your business is about.Website can be considered as a tool which work 24*7, and helps you increase the sale of your business.Web design company in thane helps you in taking first step in making online presence.

Website not only provides valuable customer for your business but it gives assurance to your customer about your business. But just designing a website is not gonna help you increase your business, you need to focus on engaging your customer. This can be done by creating an attractive website, which will attract your customer and they can take any action that is valuable for you i.e. buying any product or sharing your post. Web design company in thane will give you best and attractive designs which can engage your customer. Designing a website is not as easy as it is thought of it need, it requires research and hardwork each website need to be different from other.

Any business need to understand these following things before thinking of designing a website.

1. Objective of website
Before even thinking of making a website, the main question that need to be answered is why do we need the website? How will the website help you in increasing your business? These are the basic question that need to be thought of before making a website. If the main purpose of website is to only attract the customer then you need to create an attractive website that can help you increase sale of your business. If you are making website for creating awareness then the website should provide detailed information about the thing of which you are creating awareness. If website is e-commerce then the business should make website in such a way that it provides detailed information about the product and services.

2. Content of website
Content matters a lot in creating a website. As the google crawls through the website if the content is unique and different then it will help your website rank higher on search engine result page. The content nowadays has more importance for ranking on search engine. So the content of your website should be simple, easy understanding and attractive for your customer.
3. Platform used.
Before developing a website business should understand which platform will help them increase their business. If the business website is sale oriented then the platform used should be CMS portal. Content management system which ensures effective management of the content. CMS platform like PHP, java, Java script these are widely used.
4. SEO strategies
Designing and developing a website is one step towards making online presence. But new website should understand main thing that is the traffic will not immediately increase. You need reach to the people need to tell them about your website and describing about your business. This need to be through online marketing and creating a proper strategy for increasing your online marketing. Online marketing includes SEO,SMM,PPC.

SEO company in thane will help you in creating proper strategy that will help you increase your business sale.
5. Competitor and audience
Last thing that you need to know is your competitors and audience. This is the main thing that will help you to understand what your competitors are doing for driving their audience and which audience will take a valuable action that will help your business. Even the designs of the competitor need to be checked so that you don’t end up having same designs as you competitor.



Freelancer v/s Web agency for designing a website.

Selecting between a freelancer and web agency is a difficult task. Both has its own pros and cons, understanding what your project needs reduces the difficulty level of the question.

These are the parameters which a client should keep in mind while selecting any one of them.

  • Quality of service
  • Delivery time
  • Cost
  • After sale service
  • Experience

Pros And Cons



1. Can give maximum time.

2. Cost is less.



1. Lack of experience and knowledge, may not fulfill your requirements.

2. Lack of imagination and no senior to help out.

3. Quality of service cannot be assured.

4. Break in continuity of project if person falls ill or He/she becomes unavailable due to         any reason.


Web agency


1. They have full team for working on particular projects. So everyone has proper                   knowledge and experience.

2. They offer gurantee confirm completion of project on time.

3. There will be no break in the work.

4. Requirements of the project can be fulfilled properly.


1. Cost might be high depending on the project


So, before giving the project think twice if you want a freelancer or web designing company in andheri.