Freelancer v/s Web agency for designing a website.

Selecting between a freelancer and web agency is a difficult task. Both has its own pros and cons, understanding what your project needs reduces the difficulty level of the question.

These are the parameters which a client should keep in mind while selecting any one of them.

  • Quality of service
  • Delivery time
  • Cost
  • After sale service
  • Experience

Pros And Cons



1. Can give maximum time.

2. Cost is less.



1. Lack of experience and knowledge, may not fulfill your requirements.

2. Lack of imagination and no senior to help out.

3. Quality of service cannot be assured.

4. Break in continuity of project if person falls ill or He/she becomes unavailable due to         any reason.


Web agency


1. They have full team for working on particular projects. So everyone has proper                   knowledge and experience.

2. They offer gurantee confirm completion of project on time.

3. There will be no break in the work.

4. Requirements of the project can be fulfilled properly.


1. Cost might be high depending on the project


So, before giving the project think twice if you want a freelancer or web designing company in andheri.


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